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Personalize your decor with a stencil

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Before you start creating your stencil, you should have a clear idea of the final image or shape that you want the stencil to be. It is also important to consider what the stencil is to be for and the size you’ll need. A smaller stencil should be simple, while a large stencil can have a little more detail.


Plan It Out

Start by drawing an initial sketch or trace an image that will become the stencil. Next, choose the type of stencil material you want to use. There are a variety of materials available, but this is the time to consider how much use the stencil will have. Cardboard or foam board are good for large, simple stencils, paper works for single-use stencilling on flat or rounded surfaces, poster board is ideal for flat or slightly rounded surfaces, and plastic is good for creating reusable stencils for flat or rounded surfaces.


How To Make A Stencil

Create a final image of your stencil shape that is clear, has clean lines and a good contrast. It is important that the image is clear to make it easy to cut out. If you’re drawing the image, clearly outline the areas that will be cut out for the stencil. Make sure you remember to define the edges and details for your image so that your stencil is accurate to your original drawing. If you decide to use a photograph or an online image, you’ll need to use a software program to adjust the contrast and brightness of your graphic. Next, attach the paper, drawing or stencil sketch to the stencil material with tape, spray adhesive or transfer using tracing paper. Finally, cut off the areas of your image using a sharp utility knife where you want the paint to appear. For designs with more than one colour, you must create different stencils for each colour.


How To Use A Stencil

Attach the stencil to your painting surface and make sure the stencil is lying flat on the surface. Tape and adhesive sprays are the most common attachment method. Now it’s time to apply the paint. Keep the application process fast so as not to cause paint to pool or puddle. After you’ve applied the paint, remove the stencil and inspect your work. You may want to touch up certain areas that are not well covered.


Stencil Inspiration

Get inspired to stencil your apartment’s décor by taking a look at some of these inventive DIYs.



Give your old table a much-needed facelift with Design, Dining and Diapers’ DIY Honeycomb Side Table. In the place of normal stencils, this DIY opts for Scotchblue Tape.



Your reflection shouldn’t be the only gorgeous thing about your mirror. Royal Design Studio’s Stenciled Mirror On the Wall and Dream A Little Bigger’s Ed Roth Stenciled Mirror are just two sources of stencil inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.



Lamps lighten up the room with their glow and their aesthetic appeal. The Home Stories A To Z’s DIY Lampshade will make it look like you spent a ton without spending a ton.
Give your apartment’s décor a new life with the help of your personalized array of stencils.



Holiday crafts for all ages

  apartments for rent in Fergus, DIY, holidaysWith the holiday season fast approaching, you’ll want to decorate your Fergus apartment to fit this cheery time of year. Luckily, there are a variety of easy and fun holiday crafts that for all ages and artistic skill levels. To ensure your apartment is outfitted for the holiday season, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has compiled some creative crafts to help you plan an inexpensive craft-ernoon with your friends and family.


Whimsical Paper Pinecones

Create your own twirling pinecones with the help of Canadian Living’s paper pine cone tutorial. This nature-inspired craft is perfect for adults and kids, but it is suggested that adults cut out the pattern pieces ahead of time. For this DIY, you’ll need tracing paper, wire, scissors, glue, a sewing needle and glass beads. Most of these items can be found at Walmart located at 11 Woodlawn Road West, which is a 17-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments and the Grandview Apartments and is a 20-minute drive from the Executive Suites.


Advent Calendar

Count down the days remaining until Christmas with the ‘You are my Fave’ Paper Mountain Advent Calendar. This adorable craft will ensure that you know the exact amount of time between now and December 25th. Using craft stock, super glue, white paint, toothpicks and mini trees, you can create this charming Christmas-oriented calendar. Visit Staples at 370 Stone Road West for a large portion of the supplies you’ll need. All the Fergus apartments are less than 25 minutes away from the store.


Simple DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes

If you’re looking for a cool craft that can also double as a gift, these DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes from Shelterness are an inventive option. For this craft, you’ll need mason jars, waterproof toys or figures, glitter, spray paint and an assortment of ingredients that are all widely available. It is important to remove the labels from the jars and to screw the lid tightly on the jar to ensure that no leaking occurs. After you’ve finished making this craft, shake up the jar and watch the delicate snowflakes fall.


Located on 455-475 Maiden Lane Avenue, 320 Queen Street East and 952 Kelsowood Lane, Williams and McDaniel’s Fergus apartments are located in friendly, quaint neighbourhoods, which make them a perfect option for those considering renting.




Overhead Lighting Alternatives

Overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh on your eyes and can lead to symptoms that may disrupt your schedule, like insomnia. Fortunately, there are a variety of calming lighting alternatives that can be easily implemented in your Fergus apartment. For those who are looking for ways to light their apartment space, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel Property Management has some lighting options that are just right.


Place lamps throughout your apartment for a lighting option that can be easily moved from room to room. Choose from a variety of lamps of all shapes and sizes for your desk, floors or tables to create an eclectic look. Offering Guelph’s largest lighting selection, Fashion Lighting located at 21-A Gordon Street is a less than

30-minute drive from Williams and McDaniel’s Wellington Court apartments, Grandview apartments and Executive Suites and is filled with decorative lamp options.  If you’re looking for some design inspiration when it comes to using lamps, the ‘Cocontest’s’ 3 Lamps For Your Home and ‘All Women Stalk’s’ 8 Unique Lamps for Your Apartment are two articles that offer up an abundance of ideas.

Lights Covers

 For an inexpensive and easy way to achieve calming lighting alternatives, drape a decorative scarf or square of fabric over lights. Howe

ver, make sure that the fabric hangs down far enough that it won’t heat up or scorch. This will soften hars

h lighting and add a colored glow to the resulting light to achieve a warm and soothing aesthetic. Among the 21 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas featured on ‘Homedit,’ the tulle pendant lamp and the globe pendant lamp are some clever ideas that will enhance the look of your lighting with unique items. For those who have an idea about how they want to decorate their lighting but need some lights, Chatelaine Lighting located at 56 Victoria Road South has a 5500-square foot s

howroom to fulfill all your lighting needs. The Fergus apartments are a mere 30-mi

nute drive from Chatelaine’s warehouse.

Natural Light

If your apartment space has been blessed with natural light and large windows, it is best to take advantage of them as much and as often as possible. Leave the blinds open to allow light to flood the room and enhance your apartment’s atmosphere. If you’d prefer to keep your curtains closed but still want to enjoy the light, investing in sheer, lightweight curtains will allow the light to filter through.
In the place of conventional overhead lighting, residents can adopt and decorate their Fergus apartment space with these soothing lighting alternatives.