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Unusual alarm clocks to get you out of bed

Alarm clocks in fergus, Fergus Apartments, Apartments Fergus, Apartments for Rent in Fergus, Fergus apartment rentals, Apartments in Fergus, Apartment rentals in Fergus, Fergus Apartments for RentAlarm clocks in fergus, Fergus Apartments, Apartments Fergus, Apartments for Rent in Fergus, Fergus apartment rentals, Apartments in Fergus, Apartment rentals in Fergus, Fergus Apartments for RentIf you’re looking to spice up your method of waking up, there are lots of creative and unusual alarm clocks to get you going in the morning. Bypass the traditional variety and opt for alarm clocks that donate money every time you hit snooze, display gentle white lights and vibrations and force you to move around to shut them off. To give residents of the Wellington Court Apartments and Executives Suites an idea of the unconventional alarm clocks that are currently on the market, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together a list of a few that are worth checking out.


Clocky Alarm Clock

If you’re the kind of person who needs a jumpstart or a jolt in the morning, the Clocky Alarm Clock by Nanda Home is a product that was made with you in mind. This quirky clock jumps three feet from your nightstand and rolls away beeping to motivate you to get up – as it literally forces you to chase after it. For those who love hitting their snooze button, you can only hit snooze once so use it wisely.


Shape Up Alarm Clock

Start your day off with a workout by making the Shape Up Alarm Clock by Fred and Friends part of your morning routine. Simply set this dumbbell-style alarm clock and in the morning this workout-conscious invention will annoyingly buzz until you’ve completed 30 reps.

“Snooze You Lose” Alarm Clock

With the SnūzNLūz (TM), the age-old adage of “if you snooze you lose” has never been truer. By connecting via Wi-Fi to your online bank account, this ingenious alarm donates real money to an organization of your choice every time you hit the snooze button.


Light Alarm

Imagine waking up to a simulated sunrise, listening to the weather report, daily news or your favourite tunes. All of these can be accomplished with the Bio Brite Sunrise Clock Radio. Users have the ability to program their own sunrise and sunset for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes and additional features are available including a backup audible alarm, a snooze option, nightlight options and even a security feature that can alert you that someone is at home. You can also choose between 12 or 24-hour time read-outs depending on your personal preference.


Silent Alarm

Avoid the unpleasant sound of your alarm clock going off in the morning by opting for one that wakes you up without any sound. This conceptual alarm clock by designer Johan Brengesjo wakes you up with gentle vibrations and can be set to snooze with the shake of your hand. However, each time you hit the snooze button, the alarm requires greater movement than it did before to disable it. This will make sure you can catch a few more zs without being late for work, school and/or appointments.


Lightsleeper Alarm Clock

Designed as a pillow and a duvet, the Light Sleeper has been built to make the body react to an imitation of sunrise using electroluminescent technology. Over a 15-20 minute period, the bedding will start to glow and wake up the user in a gentle, soothing and natural way. One of the main selling points of this creative alarm clock is its ability to use people’s natural body clocks to wake them up.


With these unusual and inventive alarm clocks, your mornings will definitely be a lot more entertaining and enjoyable. Most of these options are available online or at larger novelty shops. Located at 455-475 Maiden Lane and 342 Gordon Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Wellington Court Apartments and Executives Suites are an ideal rental option for those currently looking in Fergus.


Where to find everything you need for Thanksgiving dinner in Fergus

Fergus Apartments, Apartments Fergus, Apartments for Rent in Fergus, Fergus apartment rentals, Apartments in Fergus, Apartment rentals in Fergus, Fergus Apartments for RentThanksgiving is the perfect occasion to catch up with friends and loved ones, while you entertain and tantalize your palate with seasonal dishes and family favorites. While turkey is often the main event, don’t forget to incorporate local vegetables and fruit into your festive feast.  Pick up everything you need for your Thanksgiving meal at local markets and independent butchers located in and around Fergus. Buying local will ensure that your produce and meat selections are the freshest possible and allow you to support local businesses and farmers in the community. To make sure that residents of the Wellington Court Apartments and Executive Suites have a Thanksgiving meal loaded with local produce and goodies, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together places where you can get everything you need
Floralane Produce Farm Market
Whether you’re looking for fresh, in-season produce, meats, jams, cheeses or old-fashioned breads and goodies, Floralane Produce Farm Market has a great selection. The market at 2191 Arthur Street North in Elmira is a 20-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments and an 18-minute drive from the Executive Suites.

The Healthy Butcher:
Offering friendly and helpful service, The Healthy Butcher is an old-fashioned butcher with a delicious selection to choose from. In addition to their organically and locally raised meats, the shop also sells sustainable seafood and gourmet prepared foods and side dishes that will fit perfectly with your holiday menu. Located at 25 Bruce Street in Kitchener, the butcher shop is a 34-minute drive from both of the Fergus Apartments.

Heatherlea Farm Market

When it comes to your Thanksgiving meat selection, it is better to plan ahead and avoid the last-minute rush by pre-ordering. Heatherlea Farm Market has local, fresh, free-run turkeys and hams (Ham bone-in, Boneless Trophy Ham and Black Forest Ham) available for Thanksgiving so order now to ensure you get the best selection and size available. Orders can be made by calling (519) 927-5902 or by dropping by the store at 17049 Winston Churchill Boulevard in Caledon. The Executive Suites are a 35-minute drive from the store and the Wellington Court Apartments are a 37-minute drive from the store. If you do order a turkey, the pickup dates are Friday October 10th and Saturday October 11th since the market will be closed holiday Monday.

Bailey’s Local Foods

Easily order and buy local produce and grocery items with Bailey’s Local Foods. This year-round service allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want and offers weekly online ordering from May to October. Vegetables, fruit, preserves, baked goods, grains and meats are among their wide selection. Simply log in to your Bailey’s account, browse their large selection of stock, choose what you want and collect your order at their convenient pickup location. Located at 16 Williams Street West in Waterloo, this store is a 39-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments and 35-minute drive from the Executive Suites.

Dave’s Butcher Shop

Whether you’re looking for beef, pork, fresh sausage, burgers, lamb, kebabs, fish or ham to accompany your turkey dinner, Dave’s Butcher Shop has a huge selection of local offerings. There are even daily specials available that give you the best deal on some amazing products. Located at 75 Alder Street in Orangeville, Dave’s is a 28-minute drive from the Executive Suites and a 29-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments.

Enhance your Thanksgiving meal by incorporating local flavours and visiting one of these independent butchers and markets near Fergus for your meat and produce selection. Located at 342 Gordon Street and 455-475 Maiden Lane, Williams and McDaniel’s Executive Suites and Wellington Court Apartments offer residents an ideal selection of rental options in the Fergus area.