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Perfect plants for every room in your Fergus Apartment

apartments for rent in Fergus, gardening, apartment living, Fergus Apartments, Apartments Fergus, Apartments for Rent in Fergus, Fergus apartment rentals, Apartments in Fergus, Apartment rentals in Fergus, Fergus Apartments for RentAdd some lush greenery into your life by incorporating plants into each and every room of your Fergus Apartment. From plants in the kitchen that will add spice and flavour to your dishes, air-cleaning plants in the bedroom and colourful varieties to liven up your apartment’s common spaces, plants are a great investment to make. Many of these plants are low-maintenance, which means you don’t have to worry if you’re a first-time gardener. To help outfit your entire apartment in foliage, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together a list of plants that will thrive in each of your apartment’s rooms.




Add some deliciously fresh flavours and accents to your dishes by growing herbs right in your apartment. Basil, oregano, sage and rosemary all enjoy a large amount of sunlight and should be placed in your apartment’s south-facing window. These options are great for seasoning meats, pasta sauces and even bread. For east – or –west – facing windows, bay, parsley and thyme are all great options to choose form. Use parsley to garnish dishes and add an extra note to salads and soups or incorporate thyme into your meat marinades. Get great advice on plants and a complete horticultural experience at LittleTree Garden Market. The store located at 17 Side Road 18 is a four-minute drive and 26-minute walk from the Wellington Court Apartments and a three-minute drive and 18-minute walk from the Executive Suites.




If your bathroom décor is a little dull and you’re looking to liven things up, plants that require low light and humid conditions are an ideal choice. With its long, dark green glossy leaves and ability to live under the worst light conditions, the Cast Iron Plant is perfect for those who want greenery without too much commitment. This plant isn’t too picky about temperature and can get by without frequent watering. For a more aesthetically pleasing option, the Peace Lily is a great choice with many varieties to choose from. Most peace lilies feature creamy white flowers with long-lasting glossy green leaves that tolerate low light. These lilies are also among the few air purifiers that blossom into flowers. Offering only the freshest floral arrangements and plant options, Patti’s Flower Boutique is a great place to visit to get plants to outfit your entire Fergus apartment. Located at 259 Grange Road, the store is a 22-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments and 24-minute drive from the Executive Suites.



Breathe easier in your apartment with plants that purify and enhance the existing air quality. Luckily, there are a variety of plants available that do this very thing and look good too. The Snake Plant absorbs carbon monoxide and releases oxygen into the air. Place a few of these sharp-leafed plants in your bedroom space for an oxygen boost while you catch some shuteye. For cosier spaces with minimal light, English Ivy is a plant worth considering. The plant’s dense foliage is great at absorbing formaldehyde, which often appears in carpet dyes and floorboards.


Living Room

Enhance the common areas of your apartment by incorporating options like Coleus and Summer Snapdragons into the space. The Coleus plant comes in a variety of stunning colours and is a great choice if you’re looking for bright blossom to fill up a vase. Add a delicious grape scent and colour bloom to your home with the help of the summer snapdragon. Both these options are sure to brighten your apartment’s atmosphere. Drop by Sheridan Nurseries Limited for exceptional products of exceptional quality and knowledgeable staff that can help you make the right selection. Located at 100 Elmsdale Drive, the nursery is a 41-minute drive from the Executive Suites and a 42-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments.


Infuse nature into your surroundings by placing some of these plants around your apartment. Located at 455 – 475 Maiden Lane and 908 Kelsowood Lane, Williams and McDaniel’s Fergus Apartments offer a selection of exquisite suites available for rent.