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At-home remedies for common summer troubles

Fergus Apartments, Apartments Fergus, Apartments for Rent in Fergus, Fergus apartment rentals, Apartments in Fergus, Apartment rentals in Fergus, Fergus Apartments for RentMaking the most of summer can occasionally leave you with burns, bites, blisters, rashes and poison ivy. Luckily, there are at-home remedies for these problems that will help you bypass that long line at the walk-in clinic. To help Fergus apartment residents ward off these summer time woes, our preferred property management company Williams and McDaniel has put together some remedies that you can whip up in the comfort of your apartment.

Often caused by excessive friction on moist skin, blisters are something all of us have run into a time or two. It is extremely important to keep your blisters clean with soap and water and to minimize additional friction to the skin by dabbing on petroleum jelly. Keep the blister covered with a clean Band-Aid or apply moleskin for additional protection. The moleskin pad should be left on for two days. Applying calendula ointment, aloe vera gel or a cold, wet washcloth can also help soothe and heal this sensitive wound. Get all the supplies you’ll need at Shoppers Drug Market located at 710 Tower Street South, which is a four-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments and a seven-minute drive from the Executive Suites.



It’s a good idea to apply sunscreen whenever you leave the house, but we understand that sometimes the sun sneaks up on you. If your burn extends all over your body, try a cool bath with products that have oatmeal infused in them or good old-fashioned oatmeal from the pantry. You can also try soaking a cloth in green tea, which contains ingredients to protect against UV damage, and using it as a compress or mixing peppermint oil and water for an aromatic and cooling remedy. If you don’t have painkillers on hand, rubbing the area with sliced cucumbers or potatoes will reduce the swelling and cool the area and aloe vera or a homemade baking soda and vinegar paste will ease the pain and itching that often accompanies burns. Target Pharmacy located at 900 Tower Street South has everything you’ll need to get on the mend. The store is less than 10 minutes away from both the Fergus apartments.


Insect, Spider, and Tick Bites
Help heal your bug bites and protect yourself from future attacks with these tricks. If you have been stung by a bee or anything with a stinger, it is important that you scrape away the stinger as soon as possible without directly pinching it. Once the stinger is out, relieve swelling and redness by soaking the area in apple cider vinegar, or applying an ice pack to numb the area. For less severe bug bites, you can use lavender oil, tea tree oil, deodorant and anti-itch creams to reduce irritation. You can pick up most of these ingredients at FreshCo located at 753 Saint Andrew West. The Wellington Court Apartments are a three-minute drive and the Executive Suites are a seven-minute drive from the store.


Poison Ivy
Despite all the signs and information known about Poison Ivy, a lot of people fall victim to it during the summer months. Use a slice of fresh aloe vera or a few leaves from a common lawn weed to create a great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial remedy. To stop the spread of poison ivy, make sure you wash all the clothes you were wearing when you touched the plant, rinse off your shoes and put them in a separate laundry cycle. Use a vinegar compress to dry out the rash, dab on some calamine lotion or soak a cloth in cold milk. The milk will be more soothing to your skin than cold water. You can also use witch hazel, used tea bags, oatmeal and Epsom salts to battle the itch.

Take on everything that summer throws at you by using these at-home remedies that will heal you in no time at all. Located at 455-475 Maiden Lane and 908 Kelsowood Lane, Williams and McDaniel’s Fergus Apartments offer residents an ideal rental option conveniently located within walking distance to the Farmers market and scenic trails.