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Turn your memories into accent pieces

Fergus Apartments, Apartments Fergus, Apartments for Rent in Fergus, Fergus apartment rentals, Apartments in Fergus, Apartment rentals in Fergus, Fergus Apartments for Rent, apartments for rent in Fergus, decorating, technologyMake your Fergus apartment feel more like home by incorporating family photos and keepsakes in the space. While photographs in frames are probably the first things that come to mind, there are a variety of other creative ways to display memories with family and friends. While creative displays will showcase your family, they can also act as accent pieces for your apartment space. For those who are looking to incorporate photos into their home in a non-traditional way, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has some inspiration and ideas that will seamlessly infuse your prized snapshots into your apartment’s décor.




DIY Photo Clipboards

For a completely unique way to display your keepsakes, look no further than ‘Love Grow Wild’s’ DIY Photo Clipboards. The clipboards are made from hand stained woodblocks and saw tooth hangers and will make this display option look more expensive than it is. Drop by Dixon Home Building Centre located at 745 Saint David Street North to pick up all the odds and ends you’ll need for this craft. TheWellington Court Apartments and Executive Suites are a three-minute drive and 13-minute walk from the store. If you’re still strapped for ideas, ‘Picklee’s’ 35 DIY Wall Collages article is filled with creative ideas to inspire you.


Letter Art

This adorable option will not only display your pictures, but will also allow you to spell out your family’s last name or sentimental words that you want to bring into your space. Whether it’s for a specific party or just DIY apartment décor, crafts like ‘Home Talk’s’ DIY Photo Collage Letters are an out-of-the-box option. You can display them with miniature easels or you can hang them on your walls.


Vintage Bottles

Create a classic, vintage feel by making use of old-fashioned jars and bottles with this ‘Apartment Therapy’ DIY. Display historic family photographs and portraits in glass containers and jars and place them on the mantel in your living room or up on shelves. Try all different styles, sizes and colours of containers and glasses and find the look that works best with your space. For best results and to minimize damage to the photographs, stick to glasses and bottles that have a larger mouth and neck.


Living Room


For those perfect shots or memorable moments that deserve more than just being trapped in a frame, ‘Virginia Sweet Pea’s’ Easy Photo Transfer Pillow is the way to go. Using mod podge, a reverse-printed photo, fabric, ribbon, glue and a few other materials, you’ll be able to enjoy this personalized pillow in no time at all.


Blankets and Throws

Keep the photo theme alive in your apartment by incorporating photographs into your blankets and throws. The application allows you to transfer selected photographs onto a variety of blanket styles and patterns. Fleece, woven and quilt-inspired blankets are some of the options you’ll find on the site.


Decorate your Fergus apartment with memories and noteworthy moments by incorporating photographs into the most unlikely of objects and places. Located at 455-475 Maiden Lane and 908 Kelsowood Lane, the Wellington Court Apartments and Executive Suites offer residents a spacious rental option with the finest amenities.