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Best ways to store your produce

Fergus Apartments, Apartments Fergus, Apartments for Rent in Fergus, Fergus apartment rentals, Apartments in Fergus, Apartment rentals in Fergus, Fergus Apartments for RentIf you keep running into the same scenario of your produce spoiling after just a few days, the issue might by with how you’re currently storing it in your Fergus apartment. Having to throw away produce is expensive and wastes food, both of which you probably want to avoid. Luckily, there are a variety of tips, tricks and inventive creations that can store your produce and help keep it fresh, crispy and full of flavor.  To help residents keep their fruits and vegetables the freshest they can be, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some of the best ways to store your produce.


Ethylene Gases


Storing incompatible fruits and vegetables can commonly cause produce to rot faster. For example, produce items that give off high levels of ethylene gases, a ripening agent that is both odorless and colorless, will significantly speed up the decay of ethylene-sensitive foods. If you were to put spinach and kale in the same bin as peaches and applies, the greens would turn limp and yellow in a manner of days due to their ethylene sensitivity. This means it is best to keep ethylene sensitive produce away from produce that emits it. The ‘Vegetarian Times’ Produce Storage Guide offers a complete breakdown of which produce items release gas and which ones should be stored separately. However, you can also use trapped ethylene to your advantage when you’re looking to speed up the ripening process. Easily speed-ripen a peach simply by putting it in a closed paper bag with a ripe banana. Zehrs Markets located on 800 Tower Street South has a large selection of produce available and is a mere four-minute drive from the Wellington Court Apartments and a three-minute drive from the Executive Suites.


Removing Spoiled Produce

It is also best to remove and throw away any spoiled produce, as mold proliferates rapidly and can contaminate everything it comes in contact with.


Keeping Fruit Whole

While you may like to slice and dice your produce, keeping it whole will give it a longer life. Pulling fruits and vegetables apart or something as simple as ripping out the stem of an apple breaks cells and encourages microorganisms, which facilitate spoiling, to grow. If you still want to separate your produce, like apples, storing them in airtight containers will buy you a bit more time before they spoil.


Understanding Temperature Tolerance

Fruits and vegetables that are sensitive to the cold will lose their flavor and moisture at low temperatures. This type of produce, which includes potatoes, onions, garlic and avocados for example, should be stored on the counter at room temperature and not in the fridge. If possible, it is best to keep cold-sensitive produce in a cool, dark and dry cabinet where they can last for up to a month. It is also important to separate produce, so their flavors and smells don’t migrate with one another. Make sure the produce you pick up at FreshCo located on 753 Saint Andrew Street West stays fresh and crisp by taking temperature into consideration. Both of the Fergus apartments are less than 10 minutes away from the store by car.


Fruit Respiration

Another way to lengthen the shelf life of produce is by using cooler temperatures to slow down food’s respiration or ‘breathing’ process. As the temperature increases the rate of respiration also increases, this is why refrigeration is a critical aspect for most produce. However, it is important to find a balance because as much as you want to slow down respiration, you do not want it to stop completely. The worst thing to do is to seal fruits and vegetables in airtight bags, which ultimately suffocates them and speeds up decay.


Storage is important, but also when you buy it

When grocery shopping it is best to save the produce for the end, so it will not get warm and rapidly respire. To stay efficient, pick up all your non-perishable items first and finish your shopping trip off by selecting the produce. Once you’ve left the grocery store, make sure that you get the produce you’ve purchased into the fridge as soon as possible. If for some reason you have additional stops, put a cooler in the car to keep the temperature low. For those who are shopping at markets like the Elora Farmers’ Market, drop by soon after they open to ensure the produce you purchase is fresh and hasn’t
been sitting out in the elements all day long. The market is less than 15 minutes away from both of the apartments.



While it is important to try and eat all the perishable items in your house first, there are certain situations where this can’t be helped. If you find yourself in a situation where you have a ton of produce that you need to make use of quickly you can incorporate it into a fruit pie, soups and even sauces which you can freeze and enjoy later on. For future reference you can use this ‘What to Eat First’ Guide created by Dr. Marita Cantwell. This guide, which is based on a Sunday shopping trip, breaks down when each item should be consumed by and by default explains how long that particular item will last. The ‘Fit Sugar’ blog also features a variety of tips and techniques to prolong the life of your produce. For example, citrus fruits in perforated bags, celery wrapped in aluminum foil and storing a de-leafed pineapple upside down will keep each of these items fresher for longer. Once you get back you can visit Dar’s Country Market located on 6458 Wellington Road 7 to pick up any additional items you might need. The Wellington Court Apartments are a nine-minute drive from the store, while the Executive Suites are an 11-minute drive away.



Nowadays, there are a variety of products and technologies whose sole purpose is to preserve the freshness of produce. Some products like the E.G.G. (Ethylene Gas Guardian) actually absorb ethylene and can be dropped into your vegetable crisper. Another variation of this product is the ExtraLife, a hockey puck-shaped disk.


Use these tips to store your produce and avoid throwing it away, which will save you money. Located at 455-475 Maiden Lane and 952 Kelsowood Lane, Williams and McDaniel’s Fergus apartments are nestled into friendly and inviting neighborhoods, which make them a perfect option for those currently looking to rent.