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Three Resolutions for your apartment in 2014

apartments for rent in Fergus, apartment living, holidays New Year’s is fast approaching and it’s always good to have resolutions on hand. Writing them down or simply thinking them up in advance can go a long way to ensuring that you actually follow through with them. Resolutions aren’t limited to weight loss goals and new hairstyles, you can also make them for your apartment lifestyle. To get residents started on their goals, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has a few resolutions and suggestions for your Fergus apartment.


Spruce Up Your Wall Décor

Whether you moved into the Fergus apartments several months ago or never got around to decorating, the New Year is the time to make your apartment feel more like home. Perhaps you’re bored of the existing décor and are looking for a way to refresh the walls. Luckily, changing wall décor is considerably less expensive than buying new furniture. Drop by Dixon Home Hardware Building Centre to pick up everything from wall decals to frames so you can breathe new life into your apartment’s walls. The store located at 745 St. David Street North is a two-minute drive and 13-minute walk from the Wellington Court Apartments, a four-minute drive and 17-minute walk from the Grandview Apartments and a two-minute drive and 19-minute walk from the Executive Suites. For additional design inspiration, check out ‘StyleCaster’s’ article on the 10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment.


Get Renter’s Insurance

There are a variety of benefits for apartment dwellers looking for renter’s insurance. These include compensation in case you suffer a loss or damage, so that you won’t be liable and you’ll have added security knowing your precious possessions will be protected. It is important to remember that even though your landlord might have insurance, this won’t help you if your personal property is damaged or destroyed. A good renter’s insurance policy will pay you after you experience a loss and will protect you against liability claims that others make against you. Drop by Steven Lund’s State Farm Agent Office located at 198 Saint Andrew Street West to find out more about insurance. The Fergus apartments are less than a 10-minute drive and 25-minute walk from the insurance office.


Be a Better Neighbour

When it comes to living in an apartment having good neighbours goes a long way to making your rental experience a positive one. If there has been past tension between you and your neighbour, it might be time to leave that in the past. Handling these situations proactively and head on will help both you and your neighbour going forward. Soon enough you’ll be living in an apartment where you and your neighbours share a mutual feeling of respect.


Located at 455-475 Maiden Lane, 320 Queen Street East and 952 Kelsowood Lane, Williams and McDaniel’s Fergus apartments are set in a friendly and quaint neighbourhood, which make them an ideal option for those currently looking to rent.