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Keeping your houseplants alive through the winter

apartments for rent in Fergus, gardening, winter, apartment livingHaving some greenery in your Fergus apartment is a great way to enhance and infuse the space with a touch of nature. However, the winter season can often be a challenging time for houseplants, as they are unaccustomed to winter’s short days and the dry heated air of Canadian apartments. Today on the blog, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel has some advice to help your plants thrive during the chillier months.


Pre-Winter Routine

Make sure to remove dead, damaged or yellowed leaves and to trim away weak growth to allow healthier growth to thrive. Be sure to give your plants a shower to remove any dust and dirt from the leaf’s surface for full light exposure. Visit Floral and Hardy Gardens located on 6729 Leslie Lane, a 40-minute drive away from Wellington Court apartments, the Grandview apartments and the Executive Suites. If your plants dry out faster than you can water them, it may be worthwhile to repot them into slightly larger containers. This is also a good time to cut off any dead roots and thick taproots, to make reom for the growth of new healthy roots.


Take Dry Air into Consideration

During the winter months, the average humidity in a residence drops to about 15 percent. As a result, houseplants release water through transpiration as fast as or even faster than they can absorb water. For plants this can cause leaves that are wilted, curled up and have brown tips. Purchasing a humidifier will help raise the humidity to 50 percent. Located on 63 Woodlawn Road West, Home Depot is a half hour away from the Fergus apartments and sells an assortment of humidifiers for every budget. When multiple plants transpire together this creates a considerable amount of natural humidity, so it is best to closely group plants and remember to place those with thin leaves in the centre. If this still isn’t enough, consider building a humidity tray in your apartment by following the steps on the ‘Brooklyn Orchids’ blog. If you’re looking to stock up on more plants, Sheridan Nurseries Limited located on Elmsdale Drive is less than 50 minutes away from the apartments.


Lighten Up

Winter days are short and cloudy, which means minimal light. Try moving plants to a bigger, brighter location like a south-facing window and placing them near, but not touching, the glass. Pick up everything you need to light up your plants by taking the 15-minute drive to Rona located on County Road 18 Elora.


Feeding Your Plants

If your plants aren’t getting enough light don’t feed them, as this will encourage weak and straggly growth. Throughout the winter, indoor gardeners usually apply one-quarter of the recommended dose of all-purpose fertilizer to their plants at each watering. Doing this provides enough fertilizer for plants growing under lights and those that are growing under weaker natural light. A common watering strategy is to wait until plants dry out a little. Every three or four days sink your finger into the soil to the second knuckle to see if it feels dry. If so, water the plant until the excess runs into the pot’s saucer. For those times when you’re running low on fertilizer or plant supplies, Crawford’s Garden Centre located on 8689 5 Side Road is 50-minute drive from all of the Fergus apartments.


By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your houseplants all year round. For additional advice when it comes to making sure you plants stay perky over the colder months, the ‘alive’ Indoor Winter Gardening article is a great read. Located within walking distance of a variety of amenities including schools, a farmer’s market and walking trails, Williams and McDaniel’s Fergus apartments offer convenient access and unparalleled service.