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Overhead Lighting Alternatives

Overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh on your eyes and can lead to symptoms that may disrupt your schedule, like insomnia. Fortunately, there are a variety of calming lighting alternatives that can be easily implemented in your Fergus apartment. For those who are looking for ways to light their apartment space, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel Property Management has some lighting options that are just right.


Place lamps throughout your apartment for a lighting option that can be easily moved from room to room. Choose from a variety of lamps of all shapes and sizes for your desk, floors or tables to create an eclectic look. Offering Guelph’s largest lighting selection, Fashion Lighting located at 21-A Gordon Street is a less than

30-minute drive from Williams and McDaniel’s Wellington Court apartments, Grandview apartments and Executive Suites and is filled with decorative lamp options.  If you’re looking for some design inspiration when it comes to using lamps, the ‘Cocontest’s’ 3 Lamps For Your Home and ‘All Women Stalk’s’ 8 Unique Lamps for Your Apartment are two articles that offer up an abundance of ideas.

Lights Covers

 For an inexpensive and easy way to achieve calming lighting alternatives, drape a decorative scarf or square of fabric over lights. Howe

ver, make sure that the fabric hangs down far enough that it won’t heat up or scorch. This will soften hars

h lighting and add a colored glow to the resulting light to achieve a warm and soothing aesthetic. Among the 21 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas featured on ‘Homedit,’ the tulle pendant lamp and the globe pendant lamp are some clever ideas that will enhance the look of your lighting with unique items. For those who have an idea about how they want to decorate their lighting but need some lights, Chatelaine Lighting located at 56 Victoria Road South has a 5500-square foot s

howroom to fulfill all your lighting needs. The Fergus apartments are a mere 30-mi

nute drive from Chatelaine’s warehouse.

Natural Light

If your apartment space has been blessed with natural light and large windows, it is best to take advantage of them as much and as often as possible. Leave the blinds open to allow light to flood the room and enhance your apartment’s atmosphere. If you’d prefer to keep your curtains closed but still want to enjoy the light, investing in sheer, lightweight curtains will allow the light to filter through.
In the place of conventional overhead lighting, residents can adopt and decorate their Fergus apartment space with these soothing lighting alternatives.