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Pack a lunch: best local trails & lookouts in Fergus


The summer months are a great time to stretch your legs and see the beautiful outdoor sites. With fergus 0624a variety of trails and lookouts available that suit every interest and activity level there will be something for everyone. Enjoy a relaxing mid-day walk, lunch or make a whole day trip of it and see the sites that the town of Fergus has to offer. Our preferred property management company, Williams & McDaniel Property Management, offers Fergus apartments close to some beautiful and picturesque places to spend a day or afternoon. Today, we’ve compiled some of the town’s best local trails and lookout spots.

Fergus & District Community Centre Trail 

With 4-kilometres of trail, the Fergus & District Community Centre Trail is the perfect destination for both long and short hikes. The trail loops around the back of the town arena and is also used as a camping ground during the Fergus Scottish Festival and the annual Fergus Truck Show. The nearby community center features phones, washrooms and parking spaces for those who prefer to drive to the trails. Located within a 10-minute walk to the attractions of downtown, which include a market, various pubs and an ice cream parlor, coffee and sandwich shops, you can grab a bite to eat as you stroll through the scenic trail.

Millburn Boulevard Park

For those who have children, the Millburn Boulevard Park is a great option for the little ones. The 0.5-hectare park features play equipment and a splash pad for the young ones and a shade shelter, trails and pathways for the parents. The pathways have a dual purpose of connecting adjacent school properties and are a great green space to enjoy on a sunny day. Located on 330 Millburn Boulevard, the park is quite close to the Fergus apartments. The Executive apartments are a 10-minute car ride, while the Wellington Court Apartments are a mix of the two with a 7-minute car ride and 29-minute walk. No matter the distance, this scenic park is worth a visit.

Belwood Lake Conservation Trail

If you find yourself looking for some spectacular lookouts, the Belwood Lake Conservation Trail’s views will not disappoint. With 3.3 kilometers of trail within the areas and the Elora-Cataract Trailway’s 42-kilometre trail close by, there is no shortage of walking space. Visitors on the trail can stand on the top deck of the dam and have a brilliant view of the Grand River Valley below. For those who want to get a little bit closer, there is a stairway along the face of the damn that visitors can use to walk down to its base. After those walks, hikers may want to cool down and the 12-kilometre lake can be used for that purpose. The spring-fed quarry is perfect for boating, fishing, water-skiing or simply for cooling off. All of the Fergus apartments are a 12-minute car-ride away from the Belwood Lake Conservation Trail and a 90-minute walk for those who would prefer to extend their hike.

Pack a lunch for the day or simply take a stroll around and soak in the beauty of Fergus. There are so many lookouts and trails to enjoy and explore that you may not know which one to choose. For more information on Williams and McDaniel’s Fergus apartments, please click here.